Present But what was the initial reason of loss of appetite, concern of mother in this occasion and arrangements usually only worsen business and disturb natural return of appetite.

Present yourself for a minute on the child's place.

That it is easier for you to make it, remember the last time when you did not want to eat.

Perhaps, it was stuffy day or you were upset, or you were hurt by a stomach the child with a small appetite, feels so almost all the time.

And now imagine that some nervous giant sits near you and with concern watches each piece which you send to a mouth.

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Every time

Every time At correction of separate sounds special complexes are used.

Every time will serve as the principle of selection of movements character of a defective pronunciation and expediency of the recommended movements for the correct pronunciation of this sound.

It is not enough to logopedist to select the expedient movements, it is necessary to teach to apply correctly the child them, i.


predjyavklyat certain requirements to quality of movements: accuracy, purity, smoothness, force, speed, stability of transition from the odkny movement to another.

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Our purpose

Our purpose Let's assume, David simply would not react to my request, would not calm down and did not constrain the anger.

Then I would take away it in such place where it could remain one.

If I could not achieve it verbal instructions, I should pass to physical coercion.

But even here I would apply the least sharp measures.

I would take the boy by hand, maybe, would embrace him for shoulders and took aside.

Our purpose consists in making control of it unostentatious and benevolent.

Open disobedience It is quite possible that David would remain is indifferent to any verbal suggestion.

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If the child

If the child If the child does not select at once to you a cube, it is possible to offer a task in a game form: to put a cube before the child, to call it and to suggest the child to find still cubes to construct of them a lodge.

If the child and then does not perform your task, it is necessary to show it performance of a task to put the second cube on the first, then to remove cubes, again to put before it one cube and to suggest to perform a task.

Possibilities of game with geometrical figures are improved.

At game collects, putting smaller in big, nested dolls, pans, formochka, caps, plastic glasses.

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The obstinacy

The obstinacy Sometimes, if the child is afraid to fall asleep, place to his room of the brother or the sister.

Obstinacy Obstinacy on the third year of life.

The obstinacy and negativism start developing at the age of one year so you will not surprise you with it.

But after years it reaches new heights and takes the new forms.

The oneyearold child contradicts mother, the child of , years contradicts even to himself.

He hardly makes decisions, and then wants to perereshit everything.

The child behaves as the person who seeks to dump someone's yoke though nobody intends to suppress it, except him.

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Chapter CORRESPONDING The close attention demands time, it is difficult to carry out it constantly, it is very burdensome for already exhausted parents.

But close attention the most powerful tool of continuous replenishment of the emotional tank of the child and ensuring its full development in the future.

Chapter CORRESPONDING AND INAPPROPRIATE LOVE I would like to analyse contradictions in dispute on too strong love.

One party claims that too ardent love spoils the child, another insists that it is impossible to love the child too.

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The passive

The passive When I talked to it after her recovery, I understood that her behavior confused also her.

She did not realize that it predstavlyalosoby the way of expression of anger, unhealthy, harmful and pernicious for her, developed for many years.

The passive and aggressive behavior is very widespread.


Because most of people does not understand that such the anger, and does not know how to cope with it.

It seems to them that in anger there is something wrong or sinful and it is necessary to etch discipline it from the child.

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